Glossy Reflections/Refraction...

oh, I’m so grateful! Thanx a lot! Great improvement for my architectural floors…:o


PS: oh, and thanx to Brecht, who contributed…

Wow. I din’t awaited such nice feature. Blender development is full of surprises…


man that is awesome, especially the golden Suzanne, now i can add golden armor to my creatures.

hehe! WOW! thanks!

can somebody explain the advantages of this “Glossy Reflections/Refraction”?
ok, the golden Suzanne is nice, but can’t this be achieved with the standard reflections? I don’t get the difference

I think the thing to pay attention to is the reflection on the floor…not the monkey

In a nutshell, it means we can now have blurred reflections. You are welcome to try that with 2.44, but you won’t get very far

Looks blurry:)
did some google-ing :
I get the picture now.

I thought it could be achieved with some sort of bumpmap (really tiny bumps) that would scatter the reflections.
But i get the advantage of this beeing build in, and having more control

That’s indeed a very useful addition for floors and all kind of plastic/leather/whatever surfaces. Blurry reflections make a huge difference.

yeah! Nice work!

Great… now how do you apply this “patch” ???

Great… now how do you apply this “patch” ???
Use patch -p0 > patchnamehere.txt in /myblenderbranch/blender.

Oh my . . .

I don’t mean to be alarmist, but . . . SOMEONE HURRY AND MAKE A WINDOWS BUILD WITH THIS PATCH!!!

I have a deadline Friday on a project that would greatly benefit from this feature. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me (us) on this.

Thanks . . . especially to the coders! :):D:):D:):D:)


second that.

any test builds for windows?


yes you can do it. i did it with mixing various materials together with each having a different bump map so i can get a fine grain, but it requires too much computation power!!!

blurred reflections also mean that the more the object is way the more you do NOT see it in the reflection.

this is a welcome addition to brushed metals !!!

Brushed metals, floors,
even when i’m looking at my table-top i’m currently sitting at, i can see this effect :slight_smile:
Another great addition indeed!
(i’m pretty amazed with the speed of development these days, sss, now this. :D)

This is great news indeed.

I wish I had I time machine to jump into the future - after project Peach is completed - to see how Blender looks by then. Must be amazing! :slight_smile:


frozerino You can make blured reflections with nodes, just blur the reflection pass wit the blur node, but it is not physically acurate

man this is awsome, can someone make a test build, i might try, but i always have problems compiling

Is that Unix/Lynx? I’m on Windows Server 2003.