glossy texture with non-glossy parts in cycles?

I have a texture for a model that should only be shiny in certain parts, but i’m not sure how to have that happen in cycles, since they are the same material.

is there a way to maybe have the texture use an alpha mask to control which parts of the texture should be shiny with the glossy node?

unwrap everything…use a glossy and a diffuse shader… plug them to a mix shader and use a black and white image or something as factor for the mix shader.
use your texture as color input for both, the glossy and diffuse shader.

Addiong to Piet’s answer here’s a node setup. Whatever you plug into the factor on the Mix shader will determine the mix…

Thanks everyone. I also have a normal map to use on the model, so would a node set-up like this do the trick?

your node setup looks a bit incomplete if you use a texture… don`t know your scene. At least you should have one uv for everything. The normal map… mmm dont know maybe works. Strange structure… nothing selected at the checker ball inside the node.
Donan… search for some normal map tutorials and things. Difficult to give an answere at this point… maybe post your scene or something.
good luck!