"glow" animation

Hey all

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make an object glow/flash (like an ember heating up and then cooling off again) but haven’t had any luck thus far. If anyone knows a way that I could get a similar effect in 2.25 I’d really appreciate it.


The Emit property of the material controls how much it “glows”
a setting of 0.0 is normal lighting and a setting of 1.0 is the same as turning on “shadeless” - it is unaffected by how bright the surrounding lamps are.
all you have to do is animate the Emit property from 0 to about 0.5 back to 0 again.
note that this will not light up surrounding objects, for this you’ll need another lamp with a matching colour and an energy ipo matching that of the material’s emit.

an emit of 1 is not that same as turning on shadeless. Try adding an image texture to an object, then observe what happens when you do each one.
If you want an object to glow, emit helps, but it’s good to also put a halo around the object. Then you can either animate the halo size or the alpha values to make the object glow.

I could whip up a quick .blend if you want…

whip! whip! whip!

okay, i did this in about 5 minutes, it looks pretty crappy, but it shows the principles. The halo isn’t exactly in time with the glowing, and modelling and texturing just didn’t come into it. It’s set up for a render, so just try it out.
.Blend here