Glow Effect/Material

I am having some problems with the glow effect in the seqeuce editor. I get the glow I want but if the object that is emitting the glow is behind another object it is not properly blocking the glow as it should, instead the glow is on top of everything.

The objects that I want to glow have been link to a seperate scene and the glow effect to added to that scene, I make a meta scene from that, then I added the orignal scene with the add effect to the meta scene.

Does anyone know how to make the glow meta scene render behind the orginal scene.

I saw a material/squence plugin on one of the resource sites but it would not work as a material only a sequence plugin.

Thanks for any help

Well I figured it out, and in case anyone else is having the same problem here is how to get the glow not to shine through your non-glowing objects.
When combining the scene with the glowing objects make sure you use the only boost option on the glow plugin. Next don’t use the Add effect with when adding in the orginal scene use the Alpha Over plugin effect. Make sure you select the two scenes in the correct order or you will get black cut out effect instead of the desired one.