Glow help

Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with adding a glow effect in blender.

I’ve circled the panels in green that i want to add the glow too. I’ve already added a texture image to them so I was wondering if you could just help with this.

Can’t see your image cos it’s blocked from my computer at the moment, but the general method for making something glow is as follows:

Go to your renderlayer setup and set the emit flag, so you get a separate emit pass.

Set the thing that glows to have an emit value.

Go to the node editor, select scene mode (the face icon if I remember right) and turn on nodes.

Add a renderlayer node and it should have an output for the image, and another for emit only. Add a blur node to the emit pass, and then add a mix node to ‘add’ the two back together. Add and connect a composite node to the output of the mix node.

Now go back to the render menu and turn on composite, and then render.

You should now be able to see in the node editor the rendered image appear in the renderlayer node. Open an image editor by the side and select render composite as the source. You should now see the image. By altering the blur values and the mix values in the node editor, you should be able to edit the amount of ‘glow’ without re-rendering.

If you still have too much unblurred glow from your panels, then go to the renderlayer and Ctrl click the emit button. This will remove emit from the main remder, and allow you to add it back only using the mix node.