Glow in bge: can i do it?

Hi everybody!!!
I have a question, can i create with bge a nice realtime glow effect?


There is some people discussing how to do it here:

And one guy posts one example of how to do it with a texture with rendering set to add.

Welcome to the forums darkblender!!

If I needed to make a glow, I’d do the following:

#1 Render a single vertex with a halo material with a black background. (prolly 64x64 as res.) Save that render as png, jpg something like that (png is my personal fav.) :wink:
#2 Open up a new blender scene and add a plane.
#3 Unwrap the halo image onto the plane and go to the “Texture Face” (EditButtons) panel for the plane and hit “Add”.
#4 Rotate the plane so you can see it (duh :wink: ) and hit PKEY and see what happens :smiley:

You can also use the “Halo” feature found in the “Texture Face” panel (unrelated to halo materials) but you’ll have to watch out for aligning the face correctly or it won’t work. (for halo’s the plane hased to be pointing to the -X axis.)

I really hope this helps and pls tell me if anything don’t make sense (as i’ve been using blender for 3 years and may have skipped some steps which I see are obvios and i don’t know what your skill level is with blender :slight_smile: )

EDIT hehe vibrunazo posted as i was typing :wink:

Thanks for the answers, but i wasn’t able to explain my question.
I look for a way to make a glow 2d filter in bge!