Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Material


I created a set of nodes that produces a glow-in-the-dark plastic effect.

When the Emission node’s strength is 0.00, the objects appear to be a typical diffuse plastic material:

When the mesh light is turned off, and the Emission node has strength of 0.60, however, the following effect is observed (with no other changes to the node system):

I will post a node set-up picture soon. Thanks for reading!


Hi, again.

Inspired by Christmas tree lights. Decided to do a rainbow effect using the same material. Here are seven colours, with their Emission shaders all set to 0.00 and the mesh lighting on:

Here is the same scene, only with the mesh lighting off and the Emission shader set to 0.60 for each colour:

Will likely post this to Behance and be back shortly with that node set-up picture.


Pretty cool!

Thanks for all your views thus far! BA has the quickest feedback I’ve seen in any Blender community.

As promised, the node set-up. This is for the Green material, with the Emission node set at 0.60: