Glow material visible in BGE ?

hi guys, i have a question: is there a way to make your materials glow and then show up in the BGE?
i saw that somewhere on blendernation before and i think it´s possible with material-nodes but i can´t figure out how to do it. can someone help?

Glow in what way? You can use a Bloom script to make bright colors glow on the screen - if you’re talking about real-time glow, that’s possible too. You can either up the Emit value of the material, change the material to shadeless, or, on the texture panel, click the button next to the Emit slider to have the texture influence the emit value of the material (GLSL mode only, I believe).

ah i see thanks for that, but i guess i screwed up my question a little bit, sorry for that.
what i meant was glare and a little bit of blur, what you can do with the compositing nodes.

For glare you’ll need a custom “bloom” shader (as pointed out above). I think there are a few about on the forums.

Blur is much easier. There is a “Filter 2d” actuator for screen effects with various options. One of them is Blur. :slight_smile:

thanks that´ll help me a lot^^