Glow plugin and 2.23

Just curious if anyone has this problem… I have a scene that was created with 2.20. I used the glow plug-in in the sequencer… works fine…

I worked on the scene in 2.23 - re-saved it… I used the glow plugin in sequencer… I rendered with Panarama engaged… at the end of the first render Blender crashed…

Tried to render same thing back in 2.20, 2.04, and 1.8 - but the file now crashes everytime when i use glow plugin combined with Pana rendering…

The workaround is to just render the scene… then re-render the pics with glow plug-in…

but there must be a proper solution… anyone encounter this?



i’ve had the same prob using the z-blur plugin in combination with pano-rendering…
dunno a way around though.

keep blending,

And on another note,


What does that button do???

PANORAMA is a nice feature.

You select it, select Xparts so that it is >1 and then you have a wide picture taken as a number of separate shots joined togeter, with the camera automatically changing view direction.

Have fun