glow plugin-i might just be stupid

(marf) #1

how do i use the glow texture plugin? i know how to use textures and texture plugins, but when i apply it nothin happens. :frowning:
do i need to set it up in a cetain way or what?
please help!!

(BgDM) #2

Did you also add the plugin to the Sequence Editior and press “Do Sequence” button in the render window?

I did, and I can’t get it to work properly either, so :frowning: .

I need some help too.


(marf) #3

no. i thought the texture and sequence plugins work seperately…
i’ll give it a try…

(marf) #4

:x dammit. now i have another prob.
the sequence afterglow plugin crashes blender!
argh! [bang head against wall]
what to do?

oh…i forgot to thank you for your reply GgDM.[that kinda sounds sarcastic, its not meant to]
i love the blender community :stuck_out_tongue: