Glow Squares
Quick design I made which I made glowy in the compositor.


Nice job Cyborg Dragon. Thats definitely cool. Love the colors and over all style. you’re good with this style of stuff imo. Keep it up

Hey CD, you’ve become like Colin Wishper. You should make a COG films like website. You have a nice arsenal of VFX techniques.

I don’t know about that, Cog’s site is full of advanced techniques like making a nuclear explosion with nodes and his famous ocean scene. I simply made some nice looking volumetric gas effects, a good slope detection system for stills, and glow and some other things, though those would be a nice way to start a VFX site I don’t plan on starting a website.

Nice, looks a bit like tangrams of light.

The nodes system really makes me wonder if anybody’ll use the sequencer glow again.

I use glow on everything. It makes images look so much better. But the sequence glowed can’t be controlled by RGB curves, so I don’t use it. :spin:


Was just reading your posts Cyborg with repsect to your obsession with dragons. Funny shit. I too would like to see the dragon kill the dragon slayer for once.
I like what you have done here.

Pretty cool.
Could you post a screenshot of the node setup and one from the 3dview?

Thank you all.

The node setup isn’t that complex, it’s just taking a copy of the render layer through the brightness/contrast node and a copy unchanged and mixing them together with it set to add.

Hey man, mind hosting on imageshack? photobucket is basicly broken on my computer.


I could but I’m currently rendering something else on the computer that has the picture.