Glow without compositing

My question is how might you cast the light from an object onto a plane and have only that light render on the plane in Cycles. I want to try and effect a glow without having to use the compositor. This is sort of like when you composite 3d into 2d images and you set up a plane that only renders the shadow being cast on it.

Here’s an image of the object and the plane to help visualize what I mean.

if we had halo in cycles it might help
but glow is a composite effect only !


Something like this? This is just with camera and shadow ray visibility turned off on the glowing object (the text)

Yes J, something almost just like that. I see no reason I couldn’t affect a glow with a plane. Might have to bake the light hitting the plane, but after that shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. Thanks J.

Just turn up the emission (mine here is 3.5).
Blend file attached.


GlowingText.blend (546 KB)