Glow without halos ?

In the tripeace video this guy uses a really cool glow effect , how is that done ?

Well, if using in the GE, you could make a .png with alphas and then unwrap and apply in the image editor.

Then select the ADD button in the buttons window. This makes things glow, like they are radio active or something.

no im not using the GE , but thanx , any other ideas?

Again, just use the alpha channels and paint the picture for the object to look like that…

Maybe particles could do it too…

You could screen (mix node) a blurred (blur node) version of the image with the original image. This is a common compositing node setup that can be used to create glow. If you don’t understand anything about what I just said, try searching the tutorial forum. There are a couple of nice tutorials about nodes around. There is plenty of information in the wiki too.

Ahhh, yes, and you can do it by adding two alpha textures one on top the other, just be aware of the stacking so the blurred one overlays the original.

Glow is a postpro effect. To achieve it you either have to use the nodesystem as stated. Try experimenting with Alphaover and Birght/Contrast and Blur nodes as mentioned above.
You can also use blender’s sequence editor to add glow. Take a look at the tutorial in the blender wiki.

If you are doing still adding the glow in a 2D app such as Gimp or Photoshop is also an option.

Look for stuff labelled under Bloom effect. That might be what you need. Maybe.