Glowing box OOOO.

This is mostly a test of my material and lighting, since there wasn’t exactly a huge amount of modelling involved. C&C is quite welcome, and feel free to be mean (especially since I perhaps have been lately. Sorry again for that.)

Hmm. I like it less compressed. Oh well. I’m not at home so photobucket is the best I can do. This isn’t the best render. Hm.

This looks like a very nice material. It would be interesting to see on a makehuman model.
I don’t notice any compression effects so I wouldn’t worry about that.

I think it would make a makehuman model look rather plastic and shiny. Maybe a toy human or a robot or something of the like. Thanks for the comments.

I am not sure what it is, but the materials are quite interesting. Nice job I guess.


I never imagined that blender can do this. Oh I am dumb with the materials. :<

There are especially 2 points that I am interested in: 1. the red glow around the volcanos(or acne? :stuck_out_tongue: ) that seem to come from inside the cube; 2. the white floor glows a little at the bottom edge of the cube. How did you make these? They make the picture much more realistic.

it is off topic regarding youre nice little box but, CAN YOU PLEASE POST A URL IF YOURE HOST DOES NOT SUPPORT DIRECT LINKING! thank you - this one is for every one btw.

Hm. Well, first of all, it looks entirely linked to me. Second, thanks for the comments. The red glow is actually just a quad/sphere red light centered directly outside of the area that should glow. The lighting is merely aa raytraced area light with all of the options (dither, noise, umbra) and quite a few samples projected onto a floor with a spec/hard settings of 0.