Glowing cup and shiny stuff

This is a scene I finished a Long time back that includes probably the best work I have done, or at least my proudest render. It isn’t entirely complicated however the lighting, bokeh, and soft glow is like msg for my eyes…

However, I have to admit I didn’t save the scene and I have no clue what my compositor setting or color management was :frowning: and I didn’t save the custom texture I used for the hdri ( basically the projected texture of a hand-painted sphere with the colors I picked for the lighting. In my opinion, the lighting set it apart and I’ve never come close to topping it although I managed to recover the objects so I have tried to recreate the render (to no avail) multiple times spicing it up in different way’s but it just isn’t the same.

( won’t let me put multiple images because I’m a new user… so y’all will have to just believe that they new renders are subpar to the original my magnum opus)

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