Glowing Debian Cube

Title pretty much says it all :slight_smile:

What I haven’t decided on is if it should be floating in empty space (which arguably looks amazing with the red), or put it on some sort of cloth like shape.

Anyways, just some candy, enjoy! o/

Looks quite cool, can you tell us how you achieved this ? :wink: Is it just a texture?

Hi Topper93,

Sure. It is just a simple cube with the default UV unwrap with no seams. I guess the exception is that I rotated some of the UV faces so they aligned with the camera on the top and front faces.

The shader is just some simple glass shaders, fresnel, emit, checker texture feed into displacement, etc.

This would be a really nice wallpaper. Should be added to debian’s default wallpaper folder, xD

Seems a little plain looking in its current form for a wallpaper, no? I was debating on actually separating out a bunch of tiny cube and having them falling, maybe with some mblur and/or DoF or something. Not sure what way I will go though as it could change the look of the distortion from the materials IOR

IMO this is good enough for a wp. The only thing I think could be improved is the debian logo in the faces. It could be a mark on the cube, like, inside the cube. I don’t know how to express this in english, lol.

Not entirely sure what you mean here. Perhaps you mean “etched” into it or something?