Does anyone have any suggestions as to how one could create glowing eyes or glowing parts that emit light and so on? Please keep in mind I am a new Blender user so if you do supply instructions, dont hesitate to over explaine things. Greatly appreciate it.

i would take more time to explain, but i have none, so i’ll keep it short with some hints:

  • blender can’t render glows directly on 3D objects
  • you’ll need to render glowing objects separately, put them as an image strip in the sequencer and apply a glow effect on this strip (glow is only available as a 2D effect)
  • again use the sequencer to composite the regular parts and the glowing parts.

maybe someone has time go explain this more precicely with step-by step instructions

this is an easy way to do a glow just make two verticies and give them a halo texture.

A simple glow effect can be achieved by playing with the “Emit” setting in the materials secion of Blender.

Select your object, press F5, choose a suitable material colour using the RGB sliders, go to the “Shaders” panel, next to materials, and push the “Emit” slider up. Check the result by rendering. This doesn’t actually cast light but it does glow.

How to make glowing eyes effect in Blender for cartoony characters like Sonic and Ratchet in Blender? Speaking of live-action movies of Sonic the Hedgehog(made by Paramount Pictures) and Ratchet and Clank(made by Rainmaker Entertainment).