Glowing lines over time

Is there a any way to make an object star glowing from one point and then gradually, over time, be completly glowing??
I’m trying to do some tronesque glowing lines in a cube, that are off and then start glowing from the bottom, and then be fully lit as if the cube was powering on.

Thanks in advance.

Check out the numerous “light beam” or “flowing lines” tutorials available. ( You can use the concepts from those to make your glowing line/edges.

Thanks for the reply, but what I really want is related to animation, I know how to model and make them look as the tutorials. Created a thread in animation.

You can go into the strength settings of a lamp or the intensity of the emission in the emit value of the material, set it to 0 and hit ‘I’ while hovering over the value to set a keyframe with no emission, then move to the next spot on the timeline and turn up the value in the box to what you want and hit ‘I’ again to set another keyframe for you desired brightness over time.

To further refine the animation adjust values and insert key frames where you need, or use the dope sheet and/or graph editor.