Glowing Mushrooms

Just thought I’d share my latest creation. The concept is that you use a Directional Blur node to make this cool glow. I’m not completely satisfied with the glow and I’m still working on it. But this is a start.

C&C very welcome so I can make this better!

Oh and I’m using this as a wallpaper (I rendered at 1280x1024) so if anybody wants it to use as your wallpaper, please say the word and I’ll upload it. Or PM me. Whatever. It looks good when it’s high res lol :smiley:

You can check this image out at my gallery too -->

Awesome! I’d love it as a wallpaper. Maybe a touch of green somewhere would be nice. And the overlapping doesn’t really look right to me, but I have no suggestions on how to fix that :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the colours!

Please download the .zip file found on post #9.

About the overlap, I just chose to do that…taste I guess.

Can you do one in 1920x1080? I’d like it as a wallpaper.

could you do a 3840x1080 as well?

I like using the directional blur. Its not that great for animations though.

Ok so I’ll make a 1280x1024 for 4Daniel, a 1920x1080 for maspeir and a 3840x1080 for oblenob. I’ll put them all in a zipped folder and post a link as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for patience. I hope the widescreen renders work ok. maspeir’s will be ok, but for oblenob’s, I will include the original render, but because it’s widescreen, there is not much content (only 3 mushrooms) so I will add more mushys and render another one. You can chose which one you like best.

So you can grab the zip file from here -->

or if you want to save yourself one click you can download straight from with this link --> link

The zip contains:

1 1280x1024 render
1 1920x1080 render
2 3840x1080 renders (one with original scene data and one with more mushrooms)
1 400x300 preview render

I hope these are useful to you guys! And anyone else who wants to use them :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks!

No problem!

whoah! fantastic, thanks!

No problemo :smiley:

reminds me of digital blasphemy:

Sweetness! Awesome stuff on that site.

ya i know. i used to be really into tweaking themes on my computer, and i would go to the site like every week for a makeover. :slight_smile: