Glowing Object Test (.blend included!!)

I’ve been playing around with TopMod for a few hours, and modeled this object. I imported it into Blender (duh!), added some nodes (in the included .blend file) and voila!

Youtube Video:

HD render:

Glowing TopMod JustOne.blend (310 KB)

I started playing around with TopMod and discovered that it does not make Blender friendly geometry. What format did you use for import? And by Blender friendly I mean the topology get’s messed up so you can not use a subsurf or add edge loops on TopMod models that you bring into Blender. You can, of course, make a heavy ass model in TopMod and export that, but I was hoping for a light weight model with good topology out of TopMod seeing how it is a topology modeler.

i just saved as a wavefront .obj, then used the importer available in blender. the mesh was the same as in topmod. It even had faces with more than 4 vertices!

That’s cool. OBJ is a fine format anyway. Now about these faces with more than four vertices, you don’t want to subdivide these, do you?