Glowing or fake lights

Ok basically i would like the same effect as the emit value in blender render , but no matter what i try i cannot get the same effect in game engine , can anyone help with this or show me a good tutorial. Thnks

It might be a good idea to post an example (either your render or what you mean in a game), but you could add a corona texture, or use blur or another 2D filter to add some bloom / flare effects.

I cnt post an example cuz i havnt got it to work lol , but imagine neon lights running along the edge of a bar, i would like to give it a glow effect to fake it as a light

I think for that you could use a cube (or other shaped) mesh that follows the shape of your object with inverted normals and a glow-ish, gradient texture on it. Also, you could set shadeless on the glow object and the light object’s materials.

Would duplicating the mesh and making it transparent and useing alpha, then useing the gradient texture u talk about work ?