Glowing Orb

Can anyone instruct me on how to make an orb like this? I’m very new to Blender.

Any help will be appreciated.

That picture is so retarded its funny. Add a mesh, a UVsphere would probably be best. Press f5 to go to your shading menu. Add a new material by clicking “add new.” it doesnt matter what your material is for the moment, just use the default one. In that menu you should see a tab that says “shaders.” Click that tab and you will see a button that says halo. Make sure all your vertices are selected and press “halo.” Press f12 to render and you should see a glowing pall of sorts. It won’t look exactly like that but it will be similar. You can play around with the halo options to customize the look. Hope that helps.

The problem with using a UV sphere in this example is that the verticies are more concentrated at the poles. I’d go with an icosphere. Not only does it have less verts than an equally smooth UV sphere, but it also has its’ points evenly distributed.

That would probably be easier to do with a sphere mesh with Emit all the way up and having the yellowish color. Then inside, or right next to, that sphere you would have a mesh with just a few points. Even having a single vertex in the center of the sphere would work. Give that vert(s) the halo texture to get the glow around the sphere.


Thanks so much! It worked!

I also like your signature. Keep up the good fight.

Thanks man, you too :smiley: