Glowing Particles?????



I have a question regarding to the settings for this glowing effect of the particles on the wall!

How can I do this?

Thank you in advance!!!


There is pretty good tutorial (Ironicly?) in the Creature Factory. Allthough i dont remember did it explain it in detail, but you can see how it is made. I believe it was soemthing to do with dupli objects…

If a every particle has a weak lamp attached to it, that will do the trick… either use dupligroups, or in the case of an emitter, you could just copy it and make it shoot out lamps instead of particles… so one emitter throws out particles and an identical emitter throws out dim lamps (best to have them not raytrace and have short falloffs)

I have found it out by myself!,

but nevertheless
thank you!

Here´s the result of a first work. Time: between 5 and 10 min.!


so how did you do it?


First part!:

  1. Add two objects to your scene
    -> The first should/can be a plane or something else [this will become a/the
    collision-object for the particles]
    -> The second one will become the “ParticleObject”

  2. Place both objects where you want [also the camera and the light(s)]

Than add a third object (Sphere) to your scene together with a lamp.
Than place the lamp in the middle of the sphere-object and parent it.
How to parent: [first select the lamp and than the sphere-mesh while you press “shift” (and than press “strg” + “P” to parent it)].

Than move this two objects (sphere and lamp) to another layer so that it does not stand needlessly in the middle of the scene.

The Settings:

for the (sphere and lamp):

  • Select the sphere
  • Press “F7” and go to “ObjectButtons”
  • Object and Links: [Add a new Group]
  • Than select the lamp and; Press “F7”; go to “ObjectButtons” and select the same
    Group which you have assigned to the sphere object

Now switch to the other layer where the plane (collision-object) and the particle-object are!

  • Select the Plane
  • Press “F7” and go to “PhysicsButtons”
  • Enable Collision under the button “Collision”

Now select the sphere-object

  • Press “F7” and go to “ParticleButtons”
  • Add a new ParticleSystem [Emitter]
  • Now you can change the settings for the particles like the amount how you prefer it.
  • Go to “Visualization” and change the setting “Point” to “Group”
  • Under “GR:” [Group] enter the name of your group (the 2 objects on the other layer)
    and set “Dupli Group”


Select the lamp (on the other layer)

  • Press “F5” and go to “LampButtons”
  • Under “Lamp” set “Inverse Linear” and enable “Sphere”
  • Under “Dist” you can set the Distance for the Light

INFO: [for the sphere-object (particle-object)
Now the only thing what you have to do is to make settings to get good looking particles.

You can also use Composite-Nodes to get a good picture!



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