Glowing Skin Shader

Hello! I’m making a 3D model and the character is supposed to have a digital kind of glow effect. I’m looking to emulate a specific effect and would really appreciate some advice on a potential solution.
Here’s a gallery with both my current shaders and an image I’m looking at for reference. Is emission and layer weight the way to go, or are there better ways?

Looking at the model viewer on this artist’s portfolio , it looks like a lot of this effect is baked into the texture? In which case I’m not sure if the character should be in a dark environment or lit normally.

Hi, I don’t know how to do the shader, although I suspect its the pallet used, but maybe more reference will help, if you haven’t seen it.

I also think that color is just bright but there are also a cyan and magenta rim light (?) comming from the left and right back suitable for the two neon colors for the Akali character. Maybe search for “neon effect”. (Any specific reason why mixing a emmision shader with the principaled shader which have an emmison color and strengt included? )