GLSL alpha materials with nodes, is it posible?

Hi, I want to create glsl materials, I already know how to set up an alpha material with a semitransparent texture, for render and for glsl in real time, but when I try to do it with nodes, I haven’t been able to make it work.

In the attached file, I have a node material configured for a plane, if you press F12, it will ignore the transparent section of the texture, but in the viewport it’s different, it shows all the plane, without ignoring the alpha part of the material. Even in the preview of the material on the node window you can see the alpha portion of the output.

2dChar2.blend (468 KB)

Is it even posible to do it so? if it is, can someone show me what am I doing wrong?

Thank you

PD: The file was made with 2.66a


I find the node thing a bit confusing but…

I did get it to work as a nodes material but you don’t need nodes to do this. Most of the material node function work as GLS - but not all.

I find the node thing somewhat confusing but I think the problem is that the texture is set as a node texture. I haven’t figured out how these work - I did play with it a bit and it seemed like it could (if I knew what I was doing).

So basically set it all up as a regular material and texture stack. Material - alpha set to 0 and “transparency” checked in the render pipeline options.

Texture - “use alpha” checked, colour and alpha enable set to 1

But again this works without nodes.

Please excuse the mess I make in your file:)


2dChar_Timmy.blend (697 KB)