GLSL bump mapping/lighting problem

I have been having this problem for a while in 2.53. I want to create an object in the game engine with bump mapping/normal mapping applied to it. That sounds pretty easy, but when I view the object with GLSL turned on, the light hitting the object acts in a completely bizarre and nonsensical way. I have set up two different objects in this blender scene, one is a cube with an asphalt texture applied to it, and the other is a cube with simple text on it. The asphalt cube uses a texture that modifies the color and normals of the cube. On this cube, the “NORMAL MAP” checkbox is checked in the texture options. The second cube, uses another texture that only modifies the normals of the object. The “NORMAL MAP” checkbox is not checked on this object. Both cubes obtain their coordinates from a UV texture. When rendered, the result looks perfectly normal, but in-game, that is a completely different story.
The asphalt cube does not appear to be bump-mapped, and the light illuminates the object in a strange way, resulting in some sort of “starlight” effect. The text cube, simply does not have any sort of bump-mapping applied to it at all. (Perhaps this is because “NORMAL MAP” is not checked.) The texture behaves normally when it is set to Color, but not Normal.

Occasionally I can get normal mapping to work correctly in the game engine, but it seems to only work when it wants to. It seems completely random.

To briefly state my question,
What am I doing wrong here?:confused:


normal.blend (906 KB)

what the hell? Cant get it working. And im doing exactly as im doing in my game and it works flawlessly. hmm. what can be the reason of this :S

Mmm… Blender works best with color based normal map, greyscale bump maps always acts rather werid.

Hmm…I used a normal map baked IN blender, and the problem still occurs.


I have never get highmap-textures, bumps, to work in BGE. I converted your texture into a normalmap using xNormal. Now it works fine!

Here’s the normalmap.

Thank you very much! I now know that only the standard blue normal maps work in the BGE. This is quite unfortunate, but oh well.

This is a bit late, but I just got a plugin for GIMP (which is free) which can convert an image into a normal map. If you’re using GIMP (which I recommend as it is quite good, and is even FREE, like Blender’s little, dog-enthused cousin), you can use that plugin, I believe. I haven’t tested the plugin yet, however, I trust it will work.