GLSL Controllable Mist

- Can change color

  • Can change distance
  • Exponential, Quadratic and Linear models
  • Plane or Sphere mist shape (plane=fast, sphere=accurate)

Demo File:
Controllable Mist (958 KB)

Note that the demo file also contains documentation. It is a little harder to set up than I would like, but definitely passable.

This is probably optimizable, but I’m not a fan of GLSL. If someone finds a problem, I’ll fix it, if they want a feature, I’ll consider it, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d be happy to never touch it again.
Have fun!


Not the clearest in the world, but the mist color has changed, as has it’s depth. The top image it is both darker, redder and closer. Download the file and have a play