GLSL gl_FrontMaterial.diffuse not correctly setup


When creating a custom GLSL shader with a default material attached to an object the gl_FrontMaterial.diffuse colour appears to be passed through as black (or more likely not set up). gl_FrontMaterial.specular is fine as is gl_Color.

I am just checking if anyone else has experienced this or if I am missing a trick here before I report it as a bug.

glsl_bugglet.blend (76.5 KB)


yeah I have faced the same issue. Even weirder is fact that if you disable lighting of the material (check “shadeless” button in material editor) the object diffuse color appears…
I have no idea why it does not work in a custom shader. It is a bug for sure.

Thanks for the reply, I noticed that shadeless caused it to get passed through unfortunately that then screws up the gl_Lightsource position (which makes sense as it would be sensible to assume your not interested in the light source when your shadeless and not set it up). I will write it up as a bug for the guys tomorrow. Thanks again.

This is now submitted as a bug to the tracker. I have found that gl_Color also seams to be inconsistent across projects and have highlighted that too.

First post hello everyone,

i am using version 2.65 and i still get black color for diffuse when doing manual glsl shading. Is there any update in the progress of this bug?