GLSL lighting using radiosity or else


I’m creating a first person Neighbours from Hell game, but I found some problems with lighting the rooms. I made the furniture seperately and I linked them into the scene. I use an AO map for the objects and for the walls to create soft shadows to the corners.
The problem is that the lights aren’t enough for a daylight scene. Everyhing has the same brightness what isn’t so good. I tried to set up different lamps around the kitchen, but I think i shouldn’t do this in a realtime project and the results aren’t good enough.
Maybe I have to use radiosity, but I don’t know how to add lights to the objects without spoiling the mesh. It seems i have to recreate the textures and the rigs, but could somebody help me how to do that?
Lot of objects have inside (like drawers) so if I bake radiosity the inside will be dark.
I hope you can help me with advices or some old forum therad about glsl lighting, radiosity or somethig like this.
Thank you!

(sorry for my bad english)


Well, first, in my opinion, you must decide if your gameplay/scene/game needs/deserves all this extra work!
It already looks quite nice!
Then, if yes, you can try some fast “Vertex Painting” by hand ( inside the drawers for ex.)
Or use the nice “Set Shaded Vertex Colors” script, in “Vertex Paint” mode?

try adding a small plane with a soft glow inside the drawers and such and THEN bake the radiosity. it seems the simplest way, and as OTO says, it looks stunning as it is but radiosity isn’t supported in real time so you will need to bake your lighting.

…but if you REALLY want to go the extra mile, you can always paint in the shadows by hand. it sounds painstaking but it really isn’t. just use a brush with a very low opacity so you have a much value curve which makes it a lot more realistic and gives you more control

Thank You for the advices, I’ll try them.

Yes, it looks nice already (:P), but there isn’t difference between the lightness of the room, and the lightness of the place under the staircase. That’s not good. Maybe the radiosity or the vertex painting will solve my problem.

Thanks again!

You can use radiosity directly in you scene/objects but it’ll raise the poly count a bit!
Here’s an old tut about radiosity:

Great tutorial, thanks.
I’ll try to bake the radiosity as a texture and use that in shadeless mode. Not easy, but maybe nice way. :slight_smile: