GLSL multi UV error 2.57

Hi I’m preparing virtual tour in Parthenon on conference and I find a problem ;(.

I can use only 2 different UV layouts when I want to add AO UV layout everything breakup .

Hire is the file

and the picture

in 3d view

after game starts


Easy to fix, you just need to remove that empty texture slot between your normal map and ao map, so just press that little up arrow at the right side of texture list when ao texture(texture.012) is selected.

I recommend to name your texture to reference what is your texture supposed to be. for ex.
texture.004 -> MarbleD
texture.011 -> MarbleAO

and so on… if your scene gets much bigger and you add more textures, that kind of naming will help you at the end alot.

Edit. Actually it did not work, looks like the first ao texture gets messed up if the second looks correct. Definitely a bug, works great in GLSL view but not in game. I recommend doing that same setup with material nodes.
I’m fairly confident it will work. If you need help with nodes, just ask.

Blender, as of the current version, only supports 2 UV-maps. It’s on the Google Summer of Code to-do list to add additional layers (I think).

THX finally I can let go after 2 days of horror THX :slight_smile:


I check NODE do not work