GLSL Night Vision demo

Example of night vision from

Press SPACE to use

For objects luminance add to it the property “lum”


NightVision2.blend (795 KB)

Nice work, best night vision demo Ive seen done in the BGE. Ill refer to this if I ever need nightvision.

Tnx AD-Edge:yes:. Can be used without light. For illumination of the object, you must to add it property “time” and add it to ShaderObjects

sorry for my English:D

Cool. Very nice. Just curious, is there a way to turn this into a shader so that it can be used with the custom shader actuator?

You mean, Custom Filter, or a new actuator, where the need to specify vertex and fragment shader?

I mean custom filter instead of a python script.
Thoguh, I guess this is run in a very similar way.

Special for you)). Compare fps


Night_Vision_2DFilter.blend (612 KB)

Well would you lookit that. Thanks for showing me that.

Very nice!

Летун, молодец. Хорошая работа.
П.С. Видел старую версию

Летун, молодец. Хорошая работа

tnx, thermal vision in progress

Реально хороший эффект, молодцом!)


Думаю, Дима понял бы и на русише!))) :eyebrowlift:

thanks this is very useful for me, im doing a mech game and i want to use night vision tnx!!