GLSL not working!

I have been using blender for about a year now and i want to make a commercial title with it. my problem is whenever i select glsl shading, blender just goes off. i even changed my VGA, yet i still get the same problem. so my question is can i make nice games (in terms of graphics) with multi-texture selected.

Make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your graphics card or integrated graphics. If that doesn’t fix it then your gpu likely doesn’t support OpenGL 2

What kind of computer or graphics card do you have?

As for making games look nice in Multi-texture mode, I’ll let someone who’s more experienced in it answer for a large part of it. However, baking lights is important - fake as much as you can with Python, for example (e.g. use Python to fake dynamic lighting by darkening objects when they’re underneath a shadow).

em, please example of the script that you mean. And my graphics card is Radeon x1700 series. i think:-( 286MB memory

radeon x1700 series 286MB

Here are some (hopefully) compatible drivers for that card:

thank, but i am use my phone to browse, i don’t have an internet connection for my pc, for now. :frowning: