GLSL object fade out

I have been trying to get my object to fade out in GLSL. I tried keying the alpha value with ztransparency checked, it works in the multitexture mode, but not in GLSL. I know how to do most everything else with alpha in GLSL, but I can’t seem to animate it. Here is an example .blend file with an object I am trying to fade out. I have seen a few things on this topic in the forums, but nothing has helped so far. Any suggestions?

RingTest.blend (790 KB)

Yo frankie did this with nodes.

Toggle obcolor in the material, and then use the RGBA keys in the object IPOs (instead of the texture ones) I believe that if the object doesn’t have a texture, you have to set the RGB or it will be black (toggling obcolor ignores the color set in the texture)

Thanks for the great suggestions. The nodes are good to know, but I need to control the alpha with animation curves. I got the desired effect in the viewport when I checked the ObColor button (after animating the alpha value in the IPO editor), but in the game engine, the objects are black (though they still fade out). Is there anything else I should be doing while using the ObColor method? I have an image texture on there using the reflection map input. I tried setting a material color and setting a keyframe for RG and B.

You have to key RGB on the object as well, (in GLSL, no material setting can be keyed) but if you have an an image texture it should show up…

Here is a .blend file with the material and object I am trying to fade out. When you press Alt+A to play it back, it looks fine, but when you press P, the object goes black.
RingTest.blend (791 KB)

I got it figured out now. I didn’t realize that there was another set of RGB keys. I was actually keying RGB on the object, it looks like the keys for RGB under the material IPO’s are the important ones. I had both keyframed at first, I tried deleting the ones under the object IPO’s and it still worked in the game engine. Thanks again for helping me with this, it has been bugging me for weeks.

ZOMG thank u sooooooooooo much i have been trying to do the same thing for about 3 months!

That’s weird it works in blender mutli-texrural matirials…