GLSL full
GLSL half (with a bit of material with shadowlees)

what you use usually?

GLSL i every way except compatibility with old computers

in my current game, SingleTexture.

umh sorry ,RossBlenderArt ,I not have put SingleTexture (not know how change it)

what the advantage? is fast?

Faster than the other two when used properly, Krum uses single texture.

I use the normal setting so not the GLSL. I don’t know even know how to activate it or if my phone can handle it.

This question makes no sense to me! For me GLSL is necessary today in order to have a decent graphic presentation, but it ll depend mutch more to the project that you are making in my oppinion.

But… but… but you can disable things of GLSL one by one, or dont even use them…

“…Best mode?” In terms of what?

Of features:
Single Texture

Speed: I do not know

Single Texture

I must say GLSL is useless for my as I do not have GLSL support. Everything turns out to be gray artifacts ;).

So I suggest if you want to develop a great game check that it looks good in all modes.

GLSL, I would have left blender ge if glsl was not supported.
I haven’t used single or multi texture since I have blender.


I do modelling on multitexture, so 3D viewport is always faster, but play on GLSL

In my opinion:
Graphics doesn’t make a game, rather game-play, fluidity of movement and suspension of disbelief does.
The only benefit of good graphics is videos and screenshots.
So rather than spending extra time worrying about and setting up shaders, or trying to make photo-realistic graphics, use that time to increase the “reality” of the game.

There is no best mode. Just a needed mode, depending of what you want to do. You can`t project paint in GLSL for example.

Graphics are quite important though!
For example COD has the same gameplay, just new maps but the graphics always get better and gamers really like to see eye candy.
I am a big fan of good graphics, and for me are very very important . I know lots of peoples that say this : I am going to buy the game just to see that graphics!
But gameplay is also important .
30% gameplay 30% graphics 40% sounds,storyline if available.


I dont know its hard to quantify in % values what is more important, it ll also depend on the game for me

Yes leonn you are 100% right :D! I forgot to mention that was my opinion.

For me, GLSL.
Yes, I know there are some who can’t run it. But most people buy games to play them and have hardware for it. How many people buy Crisis without a GPU?
It does depend on what kind of game you’re making. If you’re making a first person shooter, typically it will be demanding, and graphics are important. Therefore the designer includes that in his decisions on game design. A tower defense game is less likely to need GLSL because it is more subtle.
I really dislike games without Multitexture that attempt to simulate realistic graphics - e.g RPG etc. The shadows, shading and normal maps are needed to make me like a game because i don’t like the flat appearance.

If you are a true gamer, then you are having a decent PC and play the latest games.
If not just stick around with 2005 games and forget about graphics.

It’s about the developer , if he wants great gameplay that’s what he will do, if he wants great graphics then great graphics will be his main objective.
Crysis was a great game with revolutionary graphics and also gameplay!
But the main reason that made people buy the game was the amazing graphics!

Multitexture mode is good if you want ti deliver your game to everybody, Also, graphics doesn´t that much in the Indie scene, so Multitexture may be a viable option.
However, you can do really cool things with GLSL, you may get attention of bigger public if you demonstrate the game with GLSL and high details.

Best option would be to support both GLSL and Multitexture, if you have enough time or people, this is the right way.