glsl problem!! HELP!!!

ok guys i need help when i use spot lights in glsl there seems to be a problem with the spotlight take a look i cant really explain it so here…


seems to be a OPEN-GL Problem with your graficaccelerator - maybe try new drivers ???
what type is it ?

o i have a very nasty graphics cardd intel gma x4500 new drivers? em what driver should i download for it then???

have you got an Intel chip?
Mine does that on win32, but on Linux there are no problems.

yes intel i have linux andtryed it on it but in the middle half the screen is gone what linux distro do you use?

try the newest driver of your card - look on the manufactors site

but maybe it doesnt solve your problem

if you plan to work with blender in realtime (GameEngine) you maybe have to buy a better one

sorry for the slow response, I have been away from blender artists for a couple of days…

Debian with drivers from