GLSL problems...

Hi all, I seem to have a small problem. I have been working with “martinsh”'s truly AWSOME custom glsl filters, and they have made any small game project into something really special for me.

Now the problem: I have some overlay stuff that is in another scene, things like text strings that say: “Press “E” to open door…” as soon as these overlays appear, everything looks horrible and washed out, like it is somehow applying the filters to the text.

Is there any way to selectively choose things that the filters wont touch? I tried doing “Always – and – disable filter” on the Text object, but that’s probably not what i think it is.


Nice where’d you get the filters.

Ok, i think i have something going in my head, but not sure if it would work, maybe if i made an int value, that == 0, but when an overlay is on, the int will == 1, just have that on the empty with all his awesome shaders, have a whole new set, but this one has to have the int that == 1, and will have half the power.

can’t really explain, and can’t really do since i’m not a good at that, but the idea is that if an overlay makes the shaders 2x, then 1/2 ing them would even it out…

SOLVED, if anyone is having this problem, let me know, and i can explain a work around that gives no fps hicups eather.


I think it will be nice if you can share on how you solved it - if you don’t mind. I’m curious to know.


Ok, sorry about that, i was busy the last litle bit, instead of using a scean overlay, i use my hud elements parented to the camera, and have them hidden and not hidden, here is a video of what it mean.