Glsl render Alpha issue

does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

once one could solve this, then glsl render might be the best way to preview or pre-composite one’s work with great time saving award.

hope this won’t be the long tern issue of glsl render process!


Well, I don’t have my blender computer right now so I can’t see, but I’ll take a guess, when there is an alpha plane behind an object the one in front is invible right? Well to fix this you have a few options. One, if it something like a leaf, where the alpha can be completely gone, then just go to the editing tab and in the Texture Face made hit Clip Alpha, if it needs to be partially transparent, then hit Alpha, and above that there is a button called sort, hit that too, and don’t forget to copy that to all faces with the copy button.

Hello Inferno
first of all, thanks for your answering.
and… Alright, as what you said, that’s one another issue of mine to solve right now.
but my problem here is things like when i do glsl render in blender 2.5, and put an alpha plane in scene, then every time when i do glsl render then the alpha info will contain in my final output, no matter if there’s another object behind or not.

what i mean is, if you see my picture carefully, then you could understand the cube behind should rendered with totally white alpha but once if i put a plane with alpha texture in front of it, then the alpha info will left to top and the alpha info of other object behind will be ignored, that’s really weird, and i’ve already set all face to sort alpha and also two-side of course, but it’s a pity that we could only set texture face data by only one face after another in blender 2.5.

and as what you mention above, my second question is sort alpha and other alpha blending settings seems not work in blender 2.5, it will left some noise of alpha channel when i do glsl render, but that’s aside says, i would like to solve the render issue of alpha shows wrong as i mention first!

hope anyone can give me some advice to solve it or tell me how! that would be great appreciate!


anyone knows how to solve this?