GLSL rendering with opengl render

Hello everyone,
I’m new here and hope you will help me with my issue.

I want to render my scene in realtime with my glsl shaders, so i though obviuosly of using opengl render.

I put all the materials i wanted on my objects.
I switched to glsl in my viewport and i see everything with bump, lights and reflections, but when i render it with opengl it seems not to use the glsl materials everythings grey with no lights…

what am i doing wrong here?

Also, is there any other possibility to render anything in realtime?

Thank you very mcuh!

No answers yet…though i am not expert, i would suggest to try IRC blender channel.

Hi, you have to enable the textures also in textures area, if you enable in the UV/Image Editor you can see it in 3dview but not in render.

Cheers, mib.