GLSL - 'shader designer' to geBlender

I read the post about the external program for writing GLSL. So I thought to my script.

all information is

The script load *.sdp file in geBlender !!! I choose “shader designer” because is openSource and multi-OS.

I have to improve the script for “environemental var”: Maybe can help me about the mapping !!

I don’t know that is it SINW COSW RSINW RCOSW and how to implement these.
It is important vars for you ???



Thx in advance for feedBack

Marco++ here is some documentation about the GLSL implementation… should be in there somewhere… i think it definitely has the modelviewmatrix_inverse… dunno about the other one…

okay it’s at the bottom of this page in the link

Really cool project, Thumbs up.

I don’t know that is it SINW COSW RSINW RCOSW and how to implement these.

??? Bon alors, sans rire, qu’est-ce qe tu veux dire ?

Pas grand chose en effet :

I don’t know what are SINW COSW RSINW RCOSW and how to implement these.
It’s better ?

Yeah, thats what i thought first, wasn’t sure though. Ok, i searched through the GLSL specs

I could not find a function sinw or cosw. Were did you stumble over them? Lemme have a look at it. Are you sure they haven’t been used as variables? w could be an abbreviation for the german word “Winkel” meaning “angle” (in degrees or radian).

Ok Thx for look at documentation.
I will read it me too.

In shader designer is wrote :
SINW (float3: W=div of TIME_FROM_INIT(dsin(TIME_FROM_INIT/W))

It’s too weirdo.I put SINW&Co between brackets.

If few people know : that are marginal parameters.

hi !

I would lik eto know if you finished your project and if there is a way to control your shader via bge ?

hi blackreaper… this is quite an old post but yes you can control aspects of you shaders through the ge… you can for instance press a key and change the tiling or blend something over time etc… even move it around the screen… only problem is you can’t get the values back out again… but you can still do way cool things with it…


So I worked again on this script. But the difference betwen GE and DSP variables as TIME_FROM_INIT are too divergence.

So I can’t continue the implementation. A patch on blender or DSP should be made.

Actualy you can use but you can’t use “special var”.


seems interesting :slight_smile: , thumbs up :slight_smile:

sounds interesting… what did you make exactly?