GLSL Shader Repository

I’m not new to programming so I know how complex it can be. I’ve learned Java and BASIC (both of which i learned in school) however, learning a programming language on your own is a very difficult task, at least in my opinion…

In the Blender community there are artists and there are coders. Sometimes we get a wonderful mix of artist/coders and that’s who i’m calling out for. Im hoping we can get a GLSL Shader Repository for artists like myself who dont know too much about programming with Blender. This is what I had in mind…

-Artist/Coders can share their GLSL Shaders with the Blender community. They would include a snapshot of the shader in action and their e-mail address.

-Artists who use the shaders in their projects should add the usernames and e-mail addresses of the GLSL authors in their credits.

-Unless otherwise stated, the artists who use GLSL shaders would have to get permission to use the shaders commercially.

There’s a shortage of knowledge about GLSL and I believe that if we get a repository started, people would naturally be curious as to how it works and start examining the code. (I know i will!) So lets use this thread to discuss it, and if people think its a good idea, I can start gathering all the Shaders/Snapshots/e-mail addresses and sorting them for the community. :slight_smile:

I will gladly contribute whenever I can. I have just over four years shader programming experience and could provide a large variety of content to this respository.
But this is only when I have the available time.

Within the next few hours you may see one or two and if your lucky three shaders by me. I have some free time tonight.

awesome guys. I wrote a shader once but I can’t seem to get it to work. Worked fine in the shader gen that I wrote it in. oh well

Dont use other software to write shaders for blender. I never do. Shaders you write within those applications are ment to be used within a piece of software similar to that software. Blender is very specific and thus you must write shaders that are ment to run only inside of blender

Eh. I take it back. your not even going to get one shader tonight -_-
I started on a POM shader (will explain later) but im too tired to continue and I spent to much time painting the textures for it. I will try to get the finished shader up her sometime tomaro.

Anyone else interested?

It’s a great idea.

I would help if I knew how to code shaders, is there a tutorial somewhere on the basics of shaders?