GLSL shader


I tested the new features for bender GE 2.42 mainly normalmap stuff :slight_smile:
it is very amasing.

Lately i playing with shader designer that use GLSL shaders and i found a nice shader parallax_BM_GLOSSMAP it have color+pecular+bump+height maps and u can contorlling specular and height with alpha channels value.

here is the result (created with wink tutorial maker):
(~3 mb)

here is the textures ant try it yourself :slight_smile: :

Shader Designer u can find here:

wink tutorial maker (windows and linux)

i hope this very exciting shader will impleneting soon in GE.
but i dont know this is possible with blender GE GLSL implementation?

Have nice day!


Thanks! This is a topic many people have asked about.

Can you provide a tutorial or .blend file? I know many people, including me, want to learn how to create and use GLSL shaders.

I got parallaxmap shader working under GE (got shader from Shader Designer…)
so I think “parallax_BM_GLOSSMAP” should work ok too…

I’ll try to remember post parallaxmapping .blend later today.

i downloaded the test 2.42 files from here:

it contained the bumpmap.blend file where it have an Empty object that have an Always sensor and python controller and use it the sharder and in this script u can add the object name at:

ShaderObject = [objlist [‘OB…’]]

where the … is the object name i.e. Cube than u can use OBCube name wiht OB prefix.

and if u want use more than one object u can add more object name someting like this:

ShaderObject = [objlist [‘OB…’], [objlist [‘OB…’], [objlist [‘OB…’]]

and for the parallax_BM_GLOSSMAP test i use it only just in shader designer and replaced the original textures with my (blenderlogo) textures and captures my screen, but i dont know how can implementing fragment and vertex shaders :frowning: to blender game engine.


I got parallaxmap shader working under GE (got shader from Shader Designer…)
so I think “parallax_BM_GLOSSMAP” should work ok too…

I’ll try to remember post parallaxmapping .blend later today.[/quote]

Fine! :slight_smile: i waiting for the parallax.blend file

and it have specular map?



No, it is just a parallax mapping, I’ll try to get that “parallax + normal + glossmap” working later. Parallax was shortest shader to this experience :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips Edem. I haven’t worked with shaders and am still a bit of a noob to Python, so I don’t entirely understand all this yet. I look forward to any .blends or other tips anyone might have.


Here’s a parallax mapping blend, it’s quite crude, just a cube and a lowres mesh around it. Press P key to play and use arrow keys to move and turn. Sorry for slight texture warping, those bumps are quite tight :slight_smile:

I hope that blend contains all needed…

Next step is to add normal & gloss map (copy, paste & tweaking from Shader Designer…)

Hi Jogi, it is AMAZING :smiley: you are fast !
I will try it and make some test.
Thank u very much :slight_smile:



Hello Jogi
Here is my test and the litle modified .blend file
i put a fly camera on it and u can look around with mouse click :slight_smile:

Wow… thank you people! This makes a level designers job much easier… still have to learn to use this in blender though… But it seems that this does not support lighting yet? any chance of getting per pixel lighting to this?

Very nice in deed.

I’m hoping to use a GLSL shader to create water like this:

For a simulator project I’m working on. The shaders in that link are for DirectX, but I’m hoping that something similar may be possible with GLSL.

Judging from the screen it looks real nice, I wonder when Snailrose would make it so such shaders respond to light.

Okay, here is .blend with parallax + normal mapping with diffuse and specular light.
I basicly added parallaxmapping shader to blender 2.42 bumpmap.blend example… there is lot of room for improvements but it’s a start :slight_smile:

edit: updated material setting, now with EXTRA plastic glossy shine :slight_smile:

Judging from the new screen (haven’t downloaded the .blend) it looks very professional.

I once saw a demo on the Xbox 360 at (Circuit city I think) and the game being showed had a shader very similar to that for its stones.

Too bad most people don’t have the right hardware for such techniques or they do but would really slow things down in a large game.

What is next for the game engine from Snailrose, lightmapping, dynamic shadows? :slight_smile:

Someone should try to make a shader editor that will generate code specifically for Blender :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Great work Jogi!
specular fever! :Z
its works perfectly for me too!

Works for me too (GeForce FX 5500)! Big performance hit with diffuse and specular light added though.

Now if someone could help me create an awesome ocean shader I’ll be in Blender heaven [!]

While searching for info on an “ocean shader” I found this link:

I’m not sure if any of these shaders will work with Blender /GLSL, but they might be worth a peak…

Speaking of shaders I would also like if possible a vertex light shader that would work for all the material settings currently available using “use blender materials” based on wether an object has a property. Right now I have to set multiply as blend mode or set the alpha button to get reaction from light and if I do that i’m really limited like for example I can just forget about having the color white in a texture unless using texface which is also limiting if all I use is that.

Awesome shaders man! Please continue! :smiley:
Hmm, it seems that these shaders don’t work with mist… any possibility of getting them work with mist? And I would love dynamic shadows…

can anyone get thjem tot work on osx ???