GLSL Shadow alpha

Does the glsl realtime shadow support alpha mapping. I am trying to make a tree where the leaf is alpha map, an i want the leaf shadow animated on the ground and not the plane which has alpha, is it possible? If i bake the shadow it will not animated

it’s weird it was supporting the alpha in one build with shadows… but then in a newer one… they changed how the shadows were calculated because it wasn’t working on all GFX cards… and now it’s no longer working… maybe the will fix it again… I don’t know…

yes it worked in the older build if i turn on the clip alpha button, but for now is not :frowning:
-i hope it will supported with soft shadow, i.e. for trees would be important.
Brecht now is focus on the glsl compatibility for all possible gfx card ant he say that maybe other shader will come later.

@squareline. Where did you found the clip alpha button?

need enter the edit face mode add an uv and you will see at the Texture Face panel.

Sorry for digging up this old thread, but are there any plans or builds for realtime shadows of an alphamap? It would be so damn nice!