GLSL Shadows not showing bottom and Parenting without copying rotation

I have a player model which is casting a shadow onto my environment. Only the top-half of the player is visible. If I jump of fall off a ledge the whole shadow appears. It doesn’t seem to show the shadow then its any closer then half a Blender Unit to the floor. How do I fix this?

My second issue is Parenting. I want to parent a lamp, with buffer shadow enabled, to my player. but I don’t want it to copy my players rotation, only do I do it?
I tried using a ChildOf constraint but it didn’t work ingame. I do not care if I have to write a python script to do it.

Maybe bias value is to big or the spot is to far away.

Lowering the bias value fixed it, thanks!

Anyone have a clue on how I fix the lamp rotating issue?

Select the lamp and then the character, go into edit mode, select just one vertex, and hit ctrl-p. That should make a vertex parent, where the lamp follows the location but not the rotation.

You can vertex parent your spot
Or you can get with a python script the position of the lamp then get the position of the player. Calculate only one time the distance between both and save the distance in a variable. Then add to the player position the value of variable and set the camerera position with it.

I was trying a Python script but that didn’t work so well.

The vertex pinning worked perfectly, thanks guys.