GLSL support.

Besides trying it how do I know if I driver supports GLSL or if a graphics card supports GLSL without buying it? Also what cards do support it? Any Intel?

Well, except for the Intel brand, anything that was made by ATI and Nvidia since 2003 or so will support OpenGL2.0 GLSL.
This doesn’t mean that a particular driver can’t be bugged, like mine seem to be.
Also, OpenSource drivers, at least for the ATI, can’t use the GLSL shaders.


so what about Intel?

If you google for “Intel GLSL support” you will see a gloomy picture painted. Here is an interesting thread on the intel forum, that shows that Intel does not seem to want to add GLSL to their drivers:

what rather low costing cards support GLSL?

I would say go for a nvidia card. However, you may want to read this thread in the new forum:

I saw that thread. I want it for GLSL BGE and such but my bro wants it able to run Narnia the loin the witch and the wardrobe. What nvidia card would you suggest and how hard is it to install a graphics(video?) card?

A Nvidia 6200, 256 Mb RAM, new in the box should be available here and there for about $50-60. Otherwise you’d have to go for used and, with Nvidia hardware problems, I don’t know if I would take that bet.


how hard is it to install one?

Well, I would tell you : “Not at all”. Yet, you have to play in the entrails of your computer and there’ s some risks to that if you forget to unplug it, lick your fingers to better grip a live connection or if you bend a contact or…
Never changed a card or added some memory yet ?
What OS do you use ? Windows would be my bet.


windows XP I have never added memory or anything to my computer yet(it’s new but Intel card)

Oh well, it’s not that hard but I am not equipped here to show you.
You should find all the information needed on the Internet of course or you may consider having it installed : anyone charging more than 10$ for that is a thief since it take less than 5 minutes.


OK I may know someone who would do it for free. Thanks for the help. Also wounding whats “one up” from what you suggested?

You can probably do it yourself, it’s one of the easiest things to add to your computer. Installing the driver needs more work than adding the card.

Just be careful with static electricity.