GLSL test game environments

I’ve recently finished these and have added them to my portfolio and thought I’d share.

The city building is definitely staying the way it is.

The space ship interior could get modified over time. There is a lot more that I would like to do with the ship. Lab, sleeping quarters, bridge etc…

There is a few more on my site. Didn’t want to litter with too much.

I’ve been fooling with things a lot more lately and learning quite a bit.

Hope you like it

I’ve updated more.

Very, very nice!
Wireframe please :smiley:


For the screens above I did add a subd mod to the terrain mesh. I need to retopo it.

Whoa 5 versions of blender?
Very nice scene
Love it

Thanks Dude.

Yeah, I’m finding that .53 is crashing a lot. So I’ve gone to .52 to push things through with some brute force. Keeping .49b around in case both can’t do something. And I check out GSoC stuff and latest GA builds when I want to see whats going on for the others.

Haha yea .53 and any other .5 are really unstable for linux :frowning:
too bad.
Love the car.
Can we get a close-up?

wowow, amazing scenes! The forest one in the second post reminds me of Left 4 Dead :slight_smile: Very good job!

Thanks sick.

I was hoping that it had a horror film esthetic to it.