GLSL Texture Problem

Hello I have a problem with GLSL. Every time I try to resume my progress with my 3D model the textures start to appear,dissapear,artifact and flash. This happens to all of the textures on my 3D model I tried to reapply them but the issue still exists however I tried to run and play the game with a stand alone player it runs fine but I would notice some parts of my character would flash like diamonds. The embedded player also does the same thing.

I tried the game with Multitexture and it seams to work fine which gives me the idea that maybe this is a GLSL.

What should I do?

Please submit the file, there are a couple of reasons why this may be happening, but it would be easier to see the file :). A couple of things you may want to check are: Are there any Modifiers on the model(Subsurf and Decimate can cause this problem), also, is the texture animated(In the UV editor). If not, then the file would be best :slight_smile:

I tried the game with Multitexture and it seams to work fine which gives me the idea that maybe this is a GLSL.

you can also try this: select object, press tab, select all. press T to open mesh menu(if not open already on the left side) then hit recalculate button found below normals: (or simply hit ctrl+n)

Well thank you guys but im afraid the file just wont work how it should which leads to my final verdict of being a corrupt file and I have tried everything to try and fix the issue but its not doing me no good. All the modifiers in the model are fine no texture is animated at all I tried to recalculate it has failed to work right.

So I have to remake the model and retexture it… not looking forward to it but what can I do its a no choice option.

Why not just post the file? Also, by the modifiers are fine, doesn’t that mean you have modifiers!? I just said that certain ones can cause this problem, could you please try again, this time providing more information? Thanks :slight_smile:

Well its because its a game im developing I cant really share these types of files. But is it possible that Blender might have some conflicts with a OS? My Windows 8.1 had a problem last night and my computer refreshed back to windows 8 but according to the warnings it said none of my files would get affected. Is it possible Windows 8 is causing issues?

Ooh, I think that may be it actually. I remember I had similar trouble on my sisters Win8 computer, the textures flash alot and go really strange. That could be it actually, have you had any similar troubles before? If not though, did you check the modifiers? Are there any subsurf or decimate modifiers, as they might be the problem as well :slight_smile:

Well I further investigated the issue on my other PC which is strictly Steam use you know I like to play my games from time to time and this is strictly for Programming and development since I am a Video Game developer.

I did go over a few things reguarding the issue I am having with my character I do infact believe that Windows 8 is the problem when I used my other PC which contains Windows 8.1 the game and the character did infact work so what im doing is reinstalling Windows 8.1 it must have OS conflicts.

Another thing I did notice is the fact that the characters textures when rotated near by to close the texture will pixelate.

Yes the character does have subsurf and of course armature modifiers since the character requires them the old character was to heavy in RAM consumption so I have to make a light version.

But hopefully its the fact that im using Windows 8 and I wont even lie to you I don’t like 8 anyways the navigation and search in this OS is god aweful I rather go for 8.1.