GLSL trouble

Hey ppl, i was wondering why i can’t use GLSL stuff,it says my graphics card isn’t compatible but my graphics card is an Intel and its fully compatible with OpenGL, any ideas? because i really wanted some shadows in my games

What graphics card do you have? is it integrated? most likely doesnt support programmable shaders so you will be limited to the fixed function pipeline. OpenGL is an API, most cards support the minimal OpenGL specs, GLSL shaders are an extension, so card manafacturers choose whether to provide support for these or not, and most likely your card (intel) doesn’t provide shader support.

You could allways bake lightmaps to create shadows in your scene though.

Oh… and how do i bake lightmaps? sorry for my ignorance lol

I can’t really explain it to well, but you create a second uv layer, unwrap your object on that layer, create a new image in the uv image view, then hit Ctrl + Alt + B then select full render, this will bake the lights in the scene to that new image you created. You then blend the normal texture and the lightmap textures. Sorry the description is so vague. Search these forums for baking lightmaps (it’s how I managed to get lightmaps working) so I know there are some results that describe it better than I ever could :slight_smile:

Good luck =]

Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU, my friend was moaning after buying a new laptop and not being able to play a few games after he had formated it :stuck_out_tongue: he didn’t have the latest drivers installed :stuck_out_tongue: