GLSL vs Multitexture vs Singletexture

I was texturing a object with the shading set to Multitexture , pressed ‘p’, and there was no dark/light on the object.

I deduced that this was do to me not using GLSL, like I normally would, but I realized; “I don’t know anything about shading!”
Specifically what the difference is between GLSL, Multitexture, and Singletexture is exactly. I’ve noticed the effects, but not why they happen.

Google isn’t being very helpful.

So, I don’t want to trouble you with writing a full-blown explanation, just a link or something.


Comparing singletexture to multitexture will be irrelevant from 2.70 onward, as the former is now gone in trunk.

Basically, multitexture is a fixed function graphics pipeline that doesn’t make much use of actual shading code and is like a significantly expanded version of singletexture (ie. allowing multiple materials with multiple textures). Singletexture was little more than old legacy graphics code anyway and barely anyone uses it nowadays, that and the fact that it just served to complicate the BGE code is why it was removed.

GLSL mode is the more modern shading pipeline, this allows things like per-pixel lighting and specular and different shading models, the node system can also be used to create effects like fresnal.

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Just wondering, is there a build that keeps single texture? I can’t get multitexture to ever work properly with lighting, while single texture allows me to have textures and realtime lighting. Either that, or is there a tutorial that has texturing for multitexture in it? Sorry to go slightly off topic lol, thanks :).

2.68 still has single texture.

Is the default cube scene shadless for you too?

[Edit] I just had a try - make sure to enable Face Texture in the material settings :wink: [/Edit]

I do not have problems with multitexture shading and I use it a lot. Basically you need at least one lamp in the layer (no lamp = Multitexture: Shadeless ; GLSL: black).
I had problems with shading, if there are some objects without a material assigned to.
In other situations I opened a file from an older version and could not get the shading. This was resolved by open/saving it with the previous versions of Blender. Even here it was mostly a missing material. (I guess there is a missing cleanup in the material handling).
I still see such problems with alpha materials.

The only “real” bug I found in multitexture is vertex color of bitmap text. It was correct in singletexture but since 2.5 it all goes pink rather than colored. But this is a minor issue as bitmap text does not support unicode characters since 2.5 (regardless of the shading mode).

I recommend to report all situations you are missing from single texture mode. I think there was a thread regarding this recently.