glsl windows 7 question

I am having some problems with my old computer so i borrowed a friend’s new laptop
he installed blender 2.49b i was using 2.49a he also installed python 2.6.2 with 2.49b
but there are some problems first off he has windows 7 and his graphics card is " mobile intel® 4 series express chipset family. When i try to play a blend i made on his laptop it works in wire mode When i try in glsl all i get is a solid color with a few very distorted meshes. If i try to save a blend of mine on his laptop as a runtime all i get is error saying blender can’t copy etc, I got the same error on my old computer. Also i get a dialog box from windows 7 saying "blender.exe shut down and it will notify how fix ( don’t remember the exact words) Why all the trouble? What kind of laptop graphics card will support GLSL? Is windows 7 the problem? I don’t want to buy a new computer, only to have more trouble. ithought with this laptop everything would be super easy and zero problems


I doubt windows 7 has anything to do with the issue, but generally integrated graphics are basically crappy stand-in graphics cards. What you want is a nvidia or ati card that’s not too old- but seeing as the computer is a laptop, I doubt you can change the video card, especially if it’s an integrated chipset.

Does your friend’s laptop have an up to date graphics driver, or does it still have the default Microsoft driver? The Microsoft driver will give you terrible OpenGL performance. Update with a new driver from Intel.

Also, Intel chipsets are not the best thing in the world for GLSL support. Still, it shouldn’t be that bad.

Not sure what’s going on with the not being able to save a runtime problem, though.

I guess the intel mobile express chipset is the reason for error. Stay away from laptops with such bad gpus if you want to work in 3D.

His laptop is just 3 days old, so it is up to date. The reason i ask is my computer is having issues. If i have to purchase another i thought a laptop is a great idea and i know people here use blender with laptops I guess if i get a laptop it’s going to be a Nvidia card, which i have now


I think you clearly misread what I said in my previous post. Please go back and read it again, especially noting the part where I said that the default Microsoft driver (which comes installed on the laptop in many cases) does not have good OpenGL support. If your friend’s laptop is only 3 days old, it is very likely that it does not have an up to date graphics driver provided by the chipset manufacturer (Intel).

Go to the Intel website and download and install the latest drivers for the chipset. It is very possible that this will increase the OpenGL and GLSL support of the computer. Please find the following link helpful:

windows 7 has no problem!!!
itz only because intel drivers don’t support open gl shaders!!!

I have a laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon without GLSL support either. It is fine in multitexture mode.
Yes, I had to update the drivers too after buying.

By the way, if you are going for a laptop to be used with Blender… go for one with a number pad.

By the way i did not mention something else that i think is odd I downloaded the bathroom demo, with glsl and texture mode in the 3d view the bathroom looks terrific I find it odd that it looks great in 3d window with it’s textures and shadows etc but can’t play. Another question If on another computer i save my finished runtime game will this laptop be able to play it even though my game would be made with GLSL? the reason i ask, his laptop comes with some games that look great graphic-wise