hi there,

been researching and cant find nothing on patches or updates or anything for a intel card to do GLSL :frowning: anybody got any help they can offer?

thanks, Gee.

Thats because Intel graphics aren’t a card, they’re an integrated graphics chip on the motherboard, and they suck.

so that means no way to run the GLSL on blender? :frowning: cause i cant even view bump maps in game n i wanna lol


Yeah, you’re gonna have to invest in a real card. You can get a mid range NVidia GeForce card for like 60 bucks, and I think high end ones go for 100+.

In the long run, definitely worth the investment, and Id go higher end if possible.

Intel just released GLSL drivers for the X3100 / G945 graphics cards, it might also cover others.

Check out their main site. Although unfortunately there are some issues running GLSL in Blender with it, but I’m sure this will get fixed in time.

sounds great

when is there going to be an update for linux? :smiley:

malCando, do you have a link to those updated intel drivers? looked all over the web and cant find any newer than February this year…

It’s probably going to be slower than my GeForce “Go 7150M” with 287MB “shared video memory” which run a GLSL suzanne with shadow at 5 FPS…